The NEW Bowtech RPM 360

The NEW Bowtech RPM 360

Like a kid on Christmas Eve, I can’t wait to see what new bow hits the market each year for Bowtech. This year is probably the most excited I’ve ever been about Bowtech’s new line of bows, especially the new 360. This bow has taken the expectations of a conventional speed bow and completely blown them out of the water! I’ll give you a brief run down.

The “360″ isn’t the most creative name for a bow, but it doesn’t have to be when it just happens to be the IBO speed rating. That’s fast my friends! Especially when you incorporate the innovative features that come standard with any Bowtech bow.

This bow also gives you over 100 pounds of kinetic energy! That’s 10 more pounds of energy than previous Bowtech models. All of you experienced bowhunters know how important this is. A high amount of kinetic energy is hard to achieve without sacrificing a lot of speed. Well it was..until Bowtech created this beast. Now you have the opportunity to purchase a whole lot of speed and strength in one bow!

The 360 has all the right measurements as well. At 31″ axle to axle and a 6″ brace height, this bow stays light. How light you ask? How about 4.4 pounds!? That’s barely heavier than a carbon bow! Not to mention all of the features that come standard with every Bowtech model like the Center Pivot Extreme, and OverDrive Binary Cam technologies.

All you guys and gals out there know that bowhunting has more to do with the confidence you have in your equipment when it comes to being successful. As an owner of Bowtech for many years now, this same confidence has definitely helped me see past all the hype that hovers over all the other major brands. Bowtech truly does, “refuse to follow.”

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